Most Read Stories on Woodridge Patch, 2012

A missing child found, a prostitution sting and more stories that caught readers' interest most in 2012.

The news we read isn't always the happiest. But it's the news that keeps us informed about our community, the stories we hear from neighbors and need to find online for ourselves to believe the truth of it. 

Sometimes we read news because we're curious. Other times because we're scared. But most of all, I think we read the news because we care. We care about the place we live. Not just what's happening in town, but what's happened to the people we call neighbors. 

These might not be the biggest stories of 2012, but this is what readers viewed most on Woodridge Patch:


2. 19-Year-Old Motorcyclist Dies after Striking Semi in Woodridge

3. Missing Child Found As Crews Prepare to Search Woodridge Pond

4. 4 Women Arrested in Connection with Naperville Prostitution Sting

5. North High School Grieving Death of Teacher and Coach Mike Amrhein

6. When Is the Lottery Powerball Drawing?

7. Police Remove Meth Lab from Woodridge Apartment

8. Officials: Nuclear Engineer Who Stole Car at Gunpoint was "Thrill Seeking"

9. Readers' Choice: Woodridge's Favorite Pizza Place

10. Woodridge Woman Charged with Keeping a Place of Prostitution


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