PHOTOS: Savor the Flavor Ticket Winners Share a Taste of the Event

Two new Woodridge residents won Patch's Savor the Flavor ticket giveaway and were introduced to the area's cuisine last Thursday.

*Editor's Note: The winner of Patch's Savor the Flavor Ticket giveaway shared some of the highlights of last Thursday's event with us below. Congratulations to Laura Kuhn and Nathan Underhile, and welcome to Woodridge!

As soon as I learned I had won two Savor the Flavor tickets, I immediately picked up the phone and called my boyfriend. We haven't lived in Woodridge very long and we love trying new restaurants, so we were delighted to be on our way to what was sure to be an evening filled with decadent delights.

As soon as we walked through the door, we were overwhelmed by all of the aromas mingling in Ashyana Banquets. Our stomachs grumbled hungrily as we took it all in—Italian, Mexican, Indian, salads and dessert, oh my!

We decided to just start on one side of the room and work our way around, sampling a little bit of everything as we went. We were delighted to see that Cooper's Hawk was there and enjoyed tasting their delicious wines.

We also enjoyed talking with local proprietors and service providers and learning more about our new hometown. By the time we made our way around the room, we were stuffed to the gills and swore we couldn't possibly eat any more food, though we didn't refuse the kind people who wanted to send us home with more sweets!

We agreed that the highlight of the evening was trying out food from restaurants with which we were previously unfamiliar. We made sure to pick up menus—and coupons!—and will definitely be revisiting some of the delicious cuisine we enjoyed tonight. Thank you, Woodridge Patch, for giving us the opportunity to attend Savor the Flavor!


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