Youth Groups Ship Aid to Sick, Wounded Soldiers in Afghanistan

Countless area groups came together to collect about 1,000 pounds of supplies for soldiers overseas.

Three Companions Youth Groups from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church packed and shipped 101 boxes to wounded soldiers in medical units in Afghanistan, adding up to roughly 1,000 pounds of total supplies, and about 225 pounds of Halloween candy.

On Nov. 18, three Companions Youth Groups gathered to pack boxes, managing to pack the boxes within two hours.

Through the generosity of Monroe School Hinsdale fifth grade class, the Cass 63 Foundation, Morgan Stanley employees of Oak Brook, Companions Youth Groups from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and friends and neighbors in Darien and Timberlake, the groups were able to collect food, games, magazines, hygiene products, letters of support, and books to ship.

Soldiers’ Angels is a nonprofit organization that works to support soldiers and their families. All of the donations were shipped to injured soldiers in Afghanistan, many of whom arrive in the medical units after the mess halls close and appreciate having microwavable meals to eat. 

Go to the Soldiers' Angels website for more information.

Donations came from: Monroe School Hinsdale fifth grade class, the Cass 63 Foundation, Companions Youth Groups from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Friends and neighbors from Darien and Timberlake and Employees of Morgan Stanley/Oak Brook Office. 

Items collected: Books, games, magazines, hygiene products, food and snacks and letters of support. 

Article and photos submitted by Kaylee Baumbach. 


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