Step 2: Video/Photo Gallery Look at Pool Construction

During the second phase of pool construction at the Hufnagl residence in New Lenox, the pool base is going down—85-100 bags of Pool-Krete—in preparation for the liner to be installed on top by the Aqua Pools team.

Andy Hufnagl and his wife, Angela, decided to put a 20x44 in-ground pool in their back yard, in part so their daughter, Autumn, could train and play with her friends. Autumn is a member of the Lincoln-Way Gators swim team.

The Hufnagls live in New Lenox.

During the second phase of construction, the Aqua Pools team spent a day putting the pool base down in preparation for the liner to be installed on top. The job of troweling—spreading 85-100 bags of Pool-Krete—fell on the shoulders of Tom Eiler.

He said he has worked on more than 1,400 pool projects since Aqua Pools opened for business in 1978. Jim Eiler Jr. serves as vice president and chief salesman for the family-run business, which operates throughout the Southland.

"After the liner is in, the rest of it is up to the landscaper," he said. "The liner will go in a day or two from now—after everything sets. We'll put the lights in and then get the system up and running."

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Check it Out: Step 1: Photo Gallery Look at Pool Construction

Bob Levy May 19, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Somewhat surprised that there did not appear to be any re-bar in the base?
Fred Segal December 14, 2012 at 07:04 AM
Very supportive parents indeed! To have built a swimming pool especially for their daughter to train in the comforts of their own backyard is a great idea and encourage her daughter to perform even better as the day goes by. Looks like aquapools is a good team of pool builders to engage because of their good reputation. - http://www.metzlerhomebuilders.com


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