Feeling Down? Check out UMC's Blue Christmas Service

This service acknowledges those grieving, hurting and worrying during the holiday season.

It's an old adage I think the O.C. put it best: "The holidays make everything that's already bad seem worse." 

I don't quote my favorite high school TV show to mock or be sarcastic. For those struggling, missing someone or facing other problems, the uber-cheery holiday season can feel hollow and devastating. 

That's why the is holding a Blue Christmas Service. 

"If the holiday season is not such a happy time for you or your family due to loss, struggles, health concerns, or problems, this service acknowledges those difficulties and will allow you to express your feelings," according to the church's e-newsletter. 

"This is not a gloomy service, but a redemptive and hopeful one," the newsletter said. 

I'm not telling anyone they should go. There's no pressure. I just thought this was a really cool event, unique of its kind, that you might want to check out if you're so inclined. 

All are welcome. The service will start at 7 p.m. Dec. 6. Woodridge United Methodist Church is located at 2700 W. 75th St., just east of 75th Street and Woodridge Drive. 


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