Five Ways to Beat the Heat: The Drink Edition

The heat may be almost too much to handle. Grab a cool beverage and relax: Soon enough it will be below zero.

Right about now, the heat may be getting you down. It’s really too hot to play outside. Yet, in about six months from now it is quite possible it will be so cold we will be trying to figure out how to add more layers to our layers.

So, might as well make the best of the heat. Put a smile on your face and grab a cool drink and celebrate. It’s summer! This won’t last forever. Unless Al Gore is right… Well, that is a completely different story.

Patch Local Editors do enjoy a beverage now and again. Some editors maybe have a drink more often than others. No, we don’t have a problem. Taking a poll, we pulled together a list of what we like to wet our whiskers on a hot summer day.

1)     Margaritas. This is a great old standby and pretty easy to make. And, it made several editors' lists. Darien Local Editor Lauren Williamson suggests stopping at Costco for the margaritas, which are bottled up and ready for imbibing, and which she said are better than most prepackaged margaritas. My personal, cheapo version of the margarita involves buying limeade and adding tequila. It’s quick and easy and I can hardly tell the difference. Or, maybe that is the tequila talking? Romeoville Local Editor Shanon Antinori said she makes a mean, but good, mango margarita. How do you make the mango marg, you ask? You take two shots of tequila (she prefers Cuervo Silver), one shot of Triple Sec, a splash of lime juice, and 3/4 cup of frozen mango chunks, ice, then blend. You can use fresh mango too, but frozen works better.

2)   Summer Shandy from Leinenkugel. This is another of Lauren’s favorites. Anyone who has spent time in England knows that a Shandy is a mixture of lemonade and lager. It may sound weird, but it’s not. It’s girlie, but good.

3)   Beer. For those who just want an ice cold beer, here ya go. I have such fond memories of sipping Old Style from a can. Or Schlitz. Or PBR. Maybe you want something a little higher end? Then shop local. Why not consider the Summertime brew from Goose Island. Feeling a little Mexican, then why not have a Corona with a lime.

4)   Piña Colada. If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. That was really not a good song. Sorry. This suggestion comes from Channahon-Minnoka Local Editor Dawn Aulet, who has several faves. To make a Piña Colada you need rum, pineapple and coconut cream. Blend them together and voila, drink time! Talk about being transported to the islands man. 

5)   Raspberry Vodka and Orange Sherbert. This suggestion comes from a Facebook fan,AlphaGraphics. I’m wondering if you drink this or eat it? Probably break out the blender. However you enjoy it, it sure sounds good. I think I may have to give it a taste later tonight, after I put the computer away.


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