Leap-Year Babies Born at Good Sam

Babies born to Chicago, Woodridge parents on Feb. 29

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It’s a day that only comes once every four years: Leap Day. And now it happens to be the day Naomi Logan and Ronald Parmele were born.

Parents, Lindsay and Craig Parmele, were surprised when their bundle of joy arrived a few weeks early at 10 am this morning. Ronald Allen entered the world on a special but confusing day of Feb. 29.

The Parmeles live in downtown Chicago and have seen the same physician for ten years in Downers Grove. And although there are many hospitals close to their home, they chose to make the trek to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital to ensure their first born was delivered by their physician, Dr. Vipal Arora.

“It was definitely a surprise,” said Lindsay. “We weren’t expecting him for another 15 days or so.”

Danyese Logan, resident of Woodridge, was not concerned about the date but when she’d get to meet her third child, Naomi.

“My mom asked me – do you know what today is? I said ‘no,’ I am in labor!” said Logan.

Both parents have to make the decision on what day their child’s birthday will be celebrated every year: Feb. 28 or March 1. They leaned toward Feb. 28 to keep the celebration in the same month.



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