Letter to the Editor: Gobbler Hobbler Results

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Not every November day offers you temperatures climbing to 70 degrees, so we were thrilled to have the 28th Annual Gobbler Hobbler and Mashed Potato Mile under those circumstances this past Saturday.  We had 645 people come out to race in the 10k, and 417 people on the Mashed Potato Mile. 

Our congratulations to our overall winners: Charles Thornton with a time of 37:44 and Lauren Farley who finished in 42:18.  Both went home with turkeys for their Thanksgiving table.  The Mashed Potato Mile was led by Domingo Gonzalez and Jenna Metcalf.  They enjoyed their ceremonial bowl of mashed potatoes after the race along with their Fastest Miler trophies.

While having a new course two years in a row can be a challenge, and we missed a downpour that included hail by 30 minutes, we had a great time.  Our thanks to the Oswego scouts who manned our water stations, to the Traughber Junior High student council who flipped walking pancakes for hundreds of runners, to the Oswego Fire Department who keeps an eye on the finish line, to the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office and Oswego Police Department who man 4 key corners and to the many volunteers who give their time on a late Fall morning.

Our mission at the park district is to create opportunities for a healthy community.  That can be the easy part.  We are a healthy community when people take us up on these opportunities. So many did that this past weekend!  It was a great day to look out at the crowd of over 1000 people of all ages.  Whether they walked or ran across the finish line, no matter the distance they tackled, it was fun to see everyone’s joy and pride.  Thank you to everyone who came out to help host or to play.  We can’t wait until next year!

Visit The Racer's Hub for a full list of results from the Gobbler Hobbler. 

Kristie Blocker Vest
Special Events Supervisor

Kenny Richards November 14, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Crossing that narrow bridge after having to turn around and running the extra distance was like going in to a funnel with strollers being pushed by people that were just as frustrated. They had us at the starting line in sections by our mile time but if you were in the back, you didn't hear any of the announcements or the start. At most of the mileage markers, there were kids giving some times but two of them were texting and no times given. Veery disappointing!
Defense Attorney November 15, 2012 at 02:05 AM
It turned into a 10.5k for me because of the mixup at the start, it was odd that every other major turn had someone there to point the correct way, but not the very first turn? It was my first 10k every so I wasn't running for time, so it wasn't a big deal for me to have an extra 2 minutes added to my time. It was like being on the Walking Dead, all of a sudden having a wave of people running toward you in a panic
Bob November 15, 2012 at 03:44 AM
I would like to personally thank Kristy and the Oswegoland Park District for putting on such a great event. Every year they work harder at making the event better and better. Over 600 people participated in the 10k and 400 in the mile. Yes, we missed the first turn and had to turn around. Who was at fault? Everyone that followed the lead pack and didn't see the paint on the ground. So we turned around, and made it an 11k. If you are one of the people that doesn't want to come back, good. Most came out to run for the right reasons, doing something good for their body/health and being part of the community. If you noticed the 400+ kids out there, they weren't out to win, but do practice living a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the most organized races in the area, sometimes mistakes happen. We learn from our mistakes and move on. I appreciate everything people have done to make this event possible. Thank you. P.S. If you are one of the people complaining about adjusting your time, you probably could have used the extra half mile.
Oswego Resident November 15, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Bob, What exactly do you mean by the last sentence? I could use the extra distance? Do you have any idea how many miles I run and train every week? How many Ultra Marathons (that's more than 26.2 miles, for your information) I have run lately? When i sign up and pay a fee for a run like the Gobbler Hobbler (and I have run this race many years in a row) I have a set of expectations. Especially when the race is billed as "chip timed" and "USATF Certified." There is an expectation that the course and race will be managed properly and the race times reflect that. And no, I didn't expect to win this race. I never expect to win a race. I run to race against myself. My previous effort sets the goal and I hope to continually improve upon said efforts. And I'm proud to say, that at age 53, I am now able to run longer and faster than ever before. I expected more from the Park District.
Jonathan Wilson December 05, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Bob, With all due respect. When you pay upwards of $35 to run a race at a set distance, you expect the race to be as it was advertised. I was in about 20th place when we hit the first turn, bewildered why the police man was parked in the middle of the race route. On the way back, I intentionally looked for a white arrow and never saw one. I'm not sure what the right reasons are, but for someone who runs over 10 races a year, it is certainly disappointing to have spent my time and money doing an event that was not as well organized as most other races in the area. I certainly wouldn't blast those that are frustrated by the situation as not running for the right reasons. Also, it would be nice if there was apology or a discount on next year's race to encourage us to try it again.


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