Alleged Gun-Waver Collared During Traffic Stop

A man waving a gun around was apprehended during a traffic stop, police said.

Cops on the lookout for a man who was waving a gun out the passenger window of a car tracked him down and captured him, but only after subduing him with a Taser, police said.

The alleged gun-waver, Edward Williams, 28, of 508 S. Joliet St., was apprehended on East Cass Street shortly before 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police said they got a call about a man waving a gun from the passenger window of a car driven by a woman.

Officers reportedly spotted a car matching the description of the one they were looking for and pulled it over at the corner of Algonquin and Cass streets. A woman was driving, a man was on the passenger side, and a pistol was under the seat, police said.

When officers told Williams he was under arrest, he made a break for it, police said. The officers reportedly ran Williams down and stopped him with a Taser.

Williams' Taurus 1911 was reportedly loaded with a round in the chamber and six in the magazine.

Williams was booked into the Will County jail on charges of possession of a firearm by a street gang member, resisting or obstructing a police officer, attempting to obstruct justice, possession of a firearm without an owner's identification card, and possession of ammunition without a firearm owner's identification card.


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