Baby Jesuses Stolen, Naked Man and More: Police Blotter Oddities

Check out some eye-catching police blotter items from Darien and Woodridge in 2012.

Continuing the police news from our 2012 Year in Review, we highlight a few of the downright weird cases that stemmed from Darien and Woodridge last year. 

Footprints in the Snow Lead Police to Burglary Suspect

If you're going to commit a crime, common sense probably says to avoid leaving a path that leads right back to you. A Darien man was arrested and charged with residential burglary after officers tracked footprints in the snow leading from the burglarized home to his residence.

Police Blotter: Drunken Driver 'Just Wanted to Go to McDonald's'

Call it the Unhappy Meal. A Darien man charged with driving under the influence of alcohol told police he had been drinking at a friend’s house and “just wanted to go to McDonald’s." Next time, settle for a frozen pizza.

Naked Darien Man Continues Streak of Police Run-Ins

After one year of probation for smoking cigarettes in the nude outside of his home, a Darien man is accused of being back at it. Police say the man was spotted walking around his open garage in the nude. New Year's resolution: Find a nice pair of underwear. 

Burglar Tunnels into Jimmy John’s through Hole in the Wall

You might have heard of a criminal tunneling out of prison, but what about one tunneling into another place? In this case, nothing was missing, so police are unsure if the burglar wanted to steal money or just get some good French bread. 

Police: Darien Woman Involved in 3 Car Accidents in 1 Day

Third time was a charm for police, who finally got a woman off the road after several accidents, the final one occurring when the driver nearly hit a Woodridge police car. 

Missing: Four Baby Jesuses

Christmas is typically a season of giving and celebrating the birth of Jesus. For some, it was a season of taking and ruining the birth of Jesus. Four figurines of baby Jesus were stolen from Darien homes last Christmas, police said. 

Man with Gun Was Off-Duty Woodridge Cop Trying to Stop Theft

A Woodridge police officer trying to stop a crime became the subject of calls to police while he was off duty in Plainfield. The off-duty cop saw two people running from a Jewel-Osco and began to chase them down with a gun.

He wasn’t in uniform, so obviously, he looked like a man with a gun,” Plainfield Sgt. Mike Fisher said. The situation was settled quickly. 


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