Court Hearing Scheduled to Determine Murder Suspect's Fitness for Trial

Yashesh Desai, of 3 Plover Court, was sent to a downstate facility for treatment shortly after Thanksgiving.

A court hearing has been scheduled to re-examine the fitness of a 21-year-old charged with and . 

Attorneys will return to court on Jan. 27 for a hearing in the case of Yashesh Desai, of 3 Plover Court. Desai was found unfit to stand trial in November and was sent to a downstate Illinois Department of Human Services facility for treatment since just after Thanksgiving.

Court records indicate a DHS treatment plan has been released to attorneys and the next court hearing will "re-examine (Desai's) fitness." The report has been sealed from public inspection.

Desai was deemed unfit for trial Nov. 4.

At the hearing, Judge Robert Kleeman cited psychiatric reports and the testimony that said Desai was experiencing “psychotic episodes” and showing “bizarre” behaviors.

“I find the defendant is unable to understand the proceedings,” Kleeman said. “He is unfit to stand trial.”

Neither prosecutors nor Desai’s public defender disagreed with Kleeman’s decision, as both sides stipulated to the findings of Dr. John Murray who met with Desai twice in October. Kleeman’s decision sets in motion plans to move Desai into a secured downstate Illinois Department of Health Services facility for treatment with a goal of restoring his fitness within a year.

Prosecutors had said they would submit approximately 1,500 pages of case documents to DHS to help their officials determine a treatment plan for Desai. Among those documents were treatment records from the University of Illinois, where Desai attended college at one time, and from facilities in the DuPage County area.

Prosecutors allege Desai struck his father, Sanjiv, in the head several times with a weed trimmer, . Police responded to a 911 call from a person who said his father had been killed and found Sanjiv Desai lying on a futon.

While being held in DuPage County Jail on $2.2 million bail, Desai reportedly  as he tried to move Desai, according to prosecutors.


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