Desai Showing Signs of Progress, Still Unfit to Be Tried For Murder

Desai remains in Department of Human Services facility for treatment.

A report from the Illinois Department of Human Services indicates Yashesh Desai has shown signs of improvement but remains unfit to stand trial

During a Friday hearing, Judge Robert Kleeman referenced the findings and noted Desai remains on course with the one-year treatment timeline expected to be needed to restore Desai’s ability to understand and assist his defense in court hearings.

“It appears he’s at least making some progress,” Kleeman said, citing the report issued in late December.

Kleeman, in November, found Desai unfit to stand trial on charges he used a weed trimmer to kill his father, Sanjiv, during an August incident inside the family’s home on Plover Court. Desai was then transferred to a secure DHS facility around Thanksgiving, where he remains in custody.

In addition to the murder charges, Desai is also accused of during an incident in the jail after his arrest on murder charges. Desai refused to appear in court on a couple of occasions and, according to authorities, had defecated in his cell prior to the biting incident.

Another update hearing on Desai’s treatment was scheduled for April 20.


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