OMG PD: Stunt Leads to Store Ban, Mailbox Attacker

Here's a round-up of recent, bizarre police report items from the area.


Early-Morning Swinging

A woman reported being woke up March 17 by yelling and screaming in the 800 block of Spindletree Avenue, police said. She got up to investigate and heard a crash in her front yard. She looked out the window and saw her mailbox had been smashed. Once she went outside, she saw a person in the street screaming and swinging a "golf club like object," police said. Police then responded to the scene and arrested Andrew Charles Doerr, 22, at 5:18 a.m. near Spindletree Avenue and Fallbrook Drive, police said. He was charged with disorderly conduct. He posted bond.


Scam Fail

An 18-year-old resident of the 900 block of Manley Road reported at 8:13 p.m. March 19 that he had posted a listing on Craigslist to sell his drums for $800. He exchanged emails with an interested party who agreed to the price and advised a check for $2,950 had been sent to him. He was instructed to deposit the check and wire back the balance via MoneyGram. At that point, the man said he became suspicious of the transaction and did not respond to the last email, but the check arrived with a FedEx label on the day he went to police. The check was sent from an address in Boulder, Colo., the check was drawn on a legitimate account in Lewistown, Mont., and the FedEx shipping label was for an address in Charlotte, N.C. He did not proceed with the transaction.


How To Get Banned From A Store

A witness at 6:47 p.m. March 1 saw a male juvenile smash two gallons of milk on the floor of a store on the 300 block of Holmes Avenue. The boy pretended to slip with two gallons of milk in his hands, and then smashed the milk, according to police. Another juvenile filmed the incident on his phone. The responding officer spoke with the juveniles' parents and restitution was made. The juveniles were told they can no longer enter the store with or without parents.


Garbage Sticker Bandit

A man on the 900 block of East Pershing Avenue at 10:26 a.m. March 14 reported that someone took a $3.48 garbage sticker off his garbage can. He said he placed the sticker securely on the handle of the can at 10 p.m. March 13 and discovered the sticker missing at 7 a.m. on this day. Three other garbage stickers were stolen in a similar manner over the past six months.

Police report information is provided by local police departments. Charges are not evidence of guilt. They are a record of police actions on a given day, and persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. If you or a family member are charged or cited and the case is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to notify the editor. We will verify and report the outcome.

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