Village Board Prohibits Synthetic Alternative Drugs

Fine between $100 and $750 set for those found in violation.

The board voted 6-0 Thursday to ban the sale, delivery, possession and use of synthetic alternative drugs in the community. 

Synthetic alternative drugs include synthetic marijuana, synthetic stimulants and synthetic hallucinogens. These products had been sold in Woodridge at two locations under the names "K2 Bubble Bubble," "Mystery" and "Paradise." 

These products, which mimic the effects of their authentic counterparts, are no longer sold anywhere in the village. 

The said it had encountered these products in the village. They pose a public health and safety threat to Woodridge residents, because they result in adverse health effects and have been linked to severe psychotic episodes, increased heart rates, panic attacks and hallucinations, police officials said. 

Other communities, including Aurora, have banned synthetic alternative drugs. 

The state of Illinois has banned these products starting Jan. 1, giving them the same narcotic classification as cocaine. That classification poses hefty consequences for those found in violation of the state law.

To reduce those consequences, the village ordinance provides a less severe punishment: a fine between $100 and $750 for anyone caught in violation. 

Having a village ordinance in addition to the state law will also make it easier to revoke tobacco and alcohol licenses from businesses in violation, according to Tom Good, village attorney. 


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