Letter to the Editor: Woodridge Should Back Peotone Airport

Algernon H. Penn, chairman of Friends of ALNAC, explains why the Woodridge village board should back an airport development in Peotone.

Editor's note: Jesse Jackson Jr. , or the Abraham Lincoln National Airport Commission, in December. The commission will oversee the construction of an airport in Peotone, IL. The village board has not yet voted on the matter. This letter is in response to , advising to not back the airport. 

If the opening statement of is to discredit the Abraham Lincoln National Airport by showing the correct time of how long it takes to get to Woodridge from the airport site, then there’s very little fact to back up his argument.

ALNAC is represented by 21 home-rule communities from Cook, Will and Kankakee counties. It’s also supported by nearly the same amount of communities that are not home-rule. Let’s be clear. This isn’t Congressman Jackson's airport. It’s the people of the Southland's airport. And we support ALL of his efforts to do what's necessary to build it.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the Existing Conditions Report, which is a key milestone in the master planning process for the South Suburban Airport. The report marks the third major element of the airport's Master Plan to be approved by the FAA in 2011, the most for any one year. 

There is a different approval process for building an airport when you’re dealing with private developers. The FAA can expedite the approval process which can save a tremendous amount time.

According to a December 2005 opinion rendered by Attorney General Lisa, land can be rented by ALNAC from the State of Illinois and infrastructure costs will be paid for by revenues created from inside the footprint of .the Abraham Lincoln National Airport

Twenty-one communities from 3 counties support building the airport and their citizens have informed Congressman Jackson, their mayors and Governor Pat Quinn, they cannot wait any longer. This includes Monee, IL where Mr. Oschenfeld resides, passed a referendum two years ago supporting the construction of the airport.

Over 62% of Woodridge Patch readers believe we should build the airport, too. These aren’t politicians Mr. Oschenfeld, these are citizens.

Algernon H. Penn


Friends of ALNAC

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Mike G. January 13, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Mr Penn, chairman of Friends of ALNAC, is not exactly being truthful as to the distance and travel time to this proposed boondoggle of an airport in Peotone from Woodridge, Per Google Maps, from my house to Peotone it's 49. miles and 57 minutes in travel time taking the fastest route. On the other hand from my house to O'Hare Airport it's only 26.5 miles and a 41 minute drive. Granted the Google Map info isn't exact science but it's pretty close and I'd sure rather go 26 miles vs 49 miles, and so will Businesses given the cost of transportation today, and tomorrow, which will only go up. But the biggest thing against it is that the Airlines will not be using this airport. They don't have the money to build new terminals. Like most of us today: Business Owner, Corporation or Working Family we are all in a deep recession and the future says we're staying there for quite some time to come and the Airlines are just like us, many facing bankruptcy at any time. Therefore, it is my opinion that not only should this Peotone airport never be built. But the Village of Woodridge should not, Not! .... get behind in the backing of this boondoggle. And if this 'thing' does get built during my life I will never, ever, use it. I will avoid this 'thing like the plague. We have O'Hare and Midway and those two airports serve us, our community, and our economy just fine. And they will -- for generations to come. Michael J. Greenbeck Woodridge, IL Resident, 37 years.
willcountynews January 14, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Check out video of Congressman Jackson discussing the airport with Will County farmers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab4uj-zbeaU&feature=channel_video_title
Thomas January 16, 2012 at 03:37 PM
The only thing this airport is guaranteed to do is make money for the insiders and politicians who want this. Period.
Thomas January 16, 2012 at 05:34 PM


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