Village Proposes Increasing Tax Levy 3%

Residents can make comments on the three proposed village tax levies before or on Dec. 8.

Woodridge residents have until Dec. 8 to give their input on the village's tax levies for next year. 

The drafts three proposed tax levies annually. Two are for special service areas in the village; one is for the village as a whole. 

The village board will vote on the proposed levies at its next meeting on Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall. 

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None of the proposed levies are more than 105 percent of last year's extension, so the village is not required to hold a formal public hearing. But residents are invited to make comments during the Dec. 8 meeting. 

The tax levies for special service areas fund a wide range of special or additional services and physical improvements in a defined geographic area within the village. 

The first special service area is in the Seven Bridges development. The second is in the Richfield Place subdivision. Both levies will finance the stormwater improvements in the two areas. 

Each year, Woodridge's taxing bodies, from the  and  to , must annually levy, or ask for a certain portion of the community's tax bill. Once the village sends its recommended tax levy to the county Clerk's Office, the county will determine the actual tax levy.  

Village levy 

The village of Woodridge is proposing a 3 percent increase in its tax levy for 2011. 

The total proposed tax levy would be $9,122,422.50. That number includes the village portion, the portion and abatements/reductions. 

The village's portion of the tax levy would be $3,137,000, a 3 percent increase over the 2010 levy. 

The library's portion would be $3,828,500, which is a 2.2 percent over last year's levy. 

Special Service Area #1 - Seven Bridges

The proposed levy is $33,500, which would leave the tax rate at $.03, according to village documents. This would mean that a home with the market value of $600,000 would be taxed $60. 

Special Service Area #3 - Richfield Place Subdivision 

The proposed tax levy is $6,250, which would make the tax rate $.16. For a home valued at $500,000, the tax would be $266. 


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