Village Staff Recommending Study of Village Greens Golf Course

Woodridge Village Staff would like a study to determine improvement needs to be included in the village's five-year capital financial plan. Public hearings to be scheduled.

After 30 years, the golf course is in need of several improvements including a new irrigation system and maintenance facility. With these and other improvements representing a multi-million dollar financial investment, the village staff is recommending a process to evaluate potential financial investment and land use options prior to including golf course improvements in the upcoming five year capital financial plan that is part of the Village’s budget. 

“The staff is recommending this step as a means to be prudent,” said Village Administrator Kathleen Rush.  “We want to ensure that, prior to making a significant investment in the golf course, the Village Board has sufficient data and an opportunity to weigh options and input received from the community.”

To aid the community in the data collection effort, staff recommends that the village first hire a consultant this fall that will look at future golf industry trends, golf course capital needs, financing alternatives and potential design reconfigurations including a possible smaller nine-hole course tied to potential redevelopment.

With Village Greens being a long standing community asset, residents will be invited to provide their input regarding how Woodridge continues to use this key resource.  Once the consultant has completed their findings, a public meeting will be held to gather public feedback followed by a workshop with the Village Board.

If you have any questions or would like to receive updates on the Village Greens study, please Jack Knight, Management Analyst/DVC (630) 719-4901.

About the Village Greens Golf Course

Village Greens of Woodridge, a 115 acre, 18-hole golf course located at 1575 W. 75th Street was purchased through referendum in 1972 to provide outdoor recreation, open space and flood control facilities for Woodridge.  The golf course is managed by the Woodridge Park District through an intergovernmental agreement. This collaborative partnership has been in place since 1997.

*The above is a media announcement from the village of Woodridge.


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