Who Visits Drew in Jail? Not His Mom

The sheriff's department gave Patch the list of Drew Peterson's visitors. Who's been dropping by the jail to see the accused wife killer? Not his mom.

Patch obtained the list of approved visitors for Drew Peterson at the Will County jail, as well as an account of each person to see him since his May 2009 arrest on charges he murdered his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Patch asked for the lists in June, but the sheriff's department refused to give them up. Sheriff's officials said doing so not only would constitute an invasion of privacy for those who wanted to visit Peterson but would pose a security risk for the jail.

That's right—a security risk! Because once people figured out who's allowed to visit Peterson, they could "impersonate one of those on the list, thereby bypassing or circumventing the security of the (Will County Adult Detention Facility) through such means."

Could it be that easy to sneak into the county jail? Could somebody don a suit and fake beard, pretend to be  and drop by to say hello? 

"In this day and age, it clearly wouldn't take much of an effort to accomplish this impersonation," the sheriff's department wrote to the Illinois Attorney General's Office to justify its effort to keep the lists out of the public eye.

Patch appealed to the Illinois Attorney General, however, and Assistant Attorney General Matthew C. Rogina ordered the sheriff to turn over the lists to Patch.

The sheriff did so Tuesday. So, who's been popping in to see Peterson?

As recently as July 1, Christina Raines, who at one time said she was engaged to marry Peterson (who happens to still be married to his missing fourth wife, Stacy Peterson) did. Raines later said the engagement was just a publicity stunt cooked up by Brodsky.

And speaking of Brodsky, he's not recorded as visiting Peterson much at all since a few days after his arrest, but he's reportedly at the jail quite a bit.

Raines—who has made quite a few visits to Drew—wasn't the only woman spending time with him in jail. There was also Diana Grandel, whose love letters to Drew appeared in the National Enquirer.

Peterson's mother, Betty Morphey, has yet to pay him a visit in jail, according to the county's list. Media personality Amy Jacobson, best known for taking a dip in Craig Stebic's pool after the Plainfield pipefitter's wife mysteriously vanished in 2007, also is on the list but hasn't actually made the trip to see Drew.

Peterson's sons Thomas and Kristopher have visited him, and so has Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, who apparently uses the name "Michele Sneed" when she pays a call to the county jail. Sneed is identified as Peterson's "friend" on the visitor list.

To see all of Peterson's approved visitors and who's been over to see him, check out these posts on Patch.

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