Woodridge Suffering from Salt Shortage

The Village is conducting extra plowing and dumping brine onto road ahead of snowfall as part of its efforts to combat winter weather.

Credit: File Photo
Credit: File Photo

A winter on pace to break records and a shortage at the supplier-level is taxing Woodridge's salt supply.

Due to a lack of available rock salt, Village plowing will focus on main roads, intersection and curves, according to officials. Other efforts will include stretching out the remaining salt supply by mixing it with sand and using a salt brine ahead of anticipate snowfall.

Contact the Public Works Department at 630-719-4753 for more information.

From a Village of Woodridge media release:

This winter season is on pace to set records, with the snow total at Chicago O’Hare Airport now at 44.8 inches which is tied with the 1977-78 season for the third highest snowfall total ever through January 21, 2014.

Additionally, many suppliers are noting a shortage of rock salt which is used for snow and ice control on the roads. In order to conserve the limited supply of salt, the Village will be focusing on main roads, along with curves, hills, overpasses and intersections. In addition to reducing the amount of material spread on streets throughout the Village, we will also be mixing salt with sand to help stretch the material and provide tire traction, especially during the weather when it is too cold for the salt to work.

Despite the shortage of salt, the Village remains committed to providing safe roadways for Woodridge residents and visitors.  In order to help supplement the standard snow and ice control efforts, the Village will be conducting additional plowing and continuing to use anti-icing strategies.  Anti-icing is the application of liquid salt brine onto roads prior to a snow event in order to prevent a bond from forming between the snow/ice and the roadway.  This creates a situation where the snow and ice is easier to plow away, resulting in a reduction of salt material and labor.

The Village asks that you please take extra caution and be aware of the conditions on the roadways throughout the Northern Illinois region this winter season.  Be sure to tune into local weather forecasts, give yourself extra time for traveling, increase the intervals between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, and reduce your speed.

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Joe Hoffman January 28, 2014 at 01:06 PM
Since my street seems to be of low priority to the village we should at the very least get sand if nothing else. The streets around the village center always appear well maintained and free of ice. To drive down my street is a dangerous thing. Us that live on Brunswick pay taxes too! The people on my street will remember this come election time.
Joseph Biondo January 28, 2014 at 09:35 PM
I agree with Joe, the village is doing a great job of creating slick ice roads. if they are going to plow then use SALT or SAND. funny how they say shortage? I have seen much salt put down at all this winter??
William Hall January 29, 2014 at 09:05 AM
Apparently Lisle must get salt from a different supplier because the neighborhood one block north of me has had clear streets all winter long and our street looks like an alpine village. Our street is lucky to get plowed within 24 hours of the last snowfall, let alone salt spread. I don't believe there has been salt spread in our neighborhood all season. Woodridge's approach is obviously to just wait until it gets warm enough to melt. Bravo.


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