CBS2 Features District 99 Classes

CBS featured teaching methods at both North and South Monday.

Teaching methods at and were featured on CBS2 Chicago this week. 

The piece focused on "flipped classrooms," in which students watch the lecture at home and do their homework in class. That allows teachers like DGN's Brian Gervase to help them through problems instead of students struggling at home with guidance. 

“I can work on them one-on-one," Gervase told CBS2. "I can answer their questions typically much better than the people at home can."

Gervase started using the method in his classroom and recently led an open house on "flipped classrooms" for Chicago area teachers, CBS2 reported

CBS2 featured both Gervase's classroom and the classroom of DGS Physics Teacher Steven Zownorega. 

“My students really struggle when they have to sit down and they always ask, ‘Where do I start? Where do I begin?’ Then they come in the next day and they don’t have their homework done,” he says.

You can see the whole feature here. 


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