Jefferson: New Plan Calls for $17.6M Referendum

District 200 officials decide on financing plan before vote on referendum for a new Jefferson Early Childhood Center.

The District 200 Board of Education will vote Jan. 9 on a referendum asking residents to support an annual tax increase of up to $51 to pay for a new Jefferson Early Childhood Center.

After a Nov. 28 board meeting, architects and District 200 administrators revised an $18.3 million, 63,000-square-foot building plan, shaving off about 4,000 square feet or $700,000 of the total cost. District 200 staff also met with Jefferson staff to decide which of two proposed designs would most fit students’ needs.

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Stephanie Farrelly, Jefferson’s principal, and the current acting assistant superintendent of student services, said of the two plans presented—a ‘courtyard’ option and a ‘neighborhoods’ option—staff preferred the courtyard design. 

After hearing four financing options for the project, the board directed staff to prepare a resolution for the January vote with a plan to bond $17.6 million, amortize some of the principal annually with no debt service extension past 2023.

Correction: The referendum amount is $17.6. Patch wrote $17.5 in the headline.

Lewis presented the following financing scenarios to the board, showing the referendum’s potential impact on taxpayer’s bills:

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Two principal payments Some principal amortized annually without extension Series 2013 level debt service Single principal payment without extension Referendum amount       $17.6 million $17.6 million $17.6 million $17.6 million Estimated net debt service $24,764,425 $23,408,700 $20,868,588 $24,263,000 Estimated tax rate increase .025 .032 .062 .024 Estimated tax payment increase

$200,000 home $15 $19 $38 $15 $300,000 home $23 $30 $59 $23 $400,000 home $31 $40 $80 $31 $500,000 home $39 $51 $100 $39

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Would you support this plan? Tell us in the comments.

billy December 14, 2012 at 03:05 PM
We will see what we see in Spring $17.5M Referendum. Not sure how long the demolition will take on this 26 year old school. (Guess we are well beyond the estimated six weeks to demo old Hubble - that couldn't be maintained due to 'old' building with computer center in the 100 year flood plain.) Perhaps property owner will express their 'feed-up' with decreasing housing values BUT increasing tax rates of Milton Township Assessor's Office and every other 'Home-Rule' governmental body in DuPage County. It's only another $39 BUT our taxes increase that much without any new services except moving closer to 1 in 8 Illinois employees being government jobs. Bitter, darn right!
Hank Kruse December 14, 2012 at 06:18 PM
ENOUGH. We are taxed too much!!
JanS December 14, 2012 at 06:57 PM
In January the board should make the final decision about putting Jefferson on the ballot. I attended the Dec meeting. I was disappointed with the boards' decision (6 to 1) to raise taxes to the max without any discussion of why they need the money, after mentioning that the teachers agreed to a salary freeze and there is a TIF coming on the tax roll this year. As for Jefferson, my opinion is that the existing facility is adequate, not ideal, and with a few modifications, it would be fine for a few years. I think we should wait on the referendum until other bonds are paid off and the community can afford it. The school levy is the largest and fastest growing portion of the property tax bill. Please attend the January CUSD200 school board meeting so the board knows that we are paying attention.
BIll I December 15, 2012 at 07:48 PM
The school board wants us to believe they are putting due diligence on all these expenditure decisions. Probably as much due diligence as was afforded former Superintendent Catalini's contract, that he took with him leaving town, that everyone in the district can look forward to paying for in the many years to come.
CMA December 17, 2012 at 09:38 AM
So is the administration still trying to sneak their way into new office space? The office space they currently have is JUST fine! They may feel it needs some cosmetic work, ie. a coat of paint, some carpet, it is just fine. It is structurally safe, we hold many meetings there, and it is an election polling center for many people. My fear is that they will be looking to tear down Whittier next.....getting rid of the old "historic" buildings, to put up a new is not the answer. Has anyone heard of living within your means? Why don't we fix the many code violations that are currently plaguing all of our schools, first? Maybe we should try that! Bigger is not better, safety should be our first concern.


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