Staff Endorsements a Factor in College of DuPage Election

The Friends for Education COD Faculty Association PAC is endorsing challengers over two incumbents; the incumbents warn of the danger of a faculty-endorsed Board.

A College of DuPage faculty political-action committee has endorsed challengers Ed Agustin and Frank Flores Jr. for the COD Board over incumbents Dave Carlin and Joe Wozniak (and other candidates Kathy Hamilton and Mike Lanners). The endorsement has become a bone of contention between the candidates, the Daily Herald reports.

According to the paper, the endorsements made by Friends for Education COD Faculty Association PAC are notable, contentious and perhaps a double-edged sword in an election coming after 16 months of negotiations that led to a teachers' contract imposed on faculty without union approval last May. Both sides worked out a new deal that was unanimously approved in June.

"The board is elected by the community. It's not elected by the faculty senate. It's not elected by the faculty PAC," Carlin told the paper. "If I'm a taxpayer in District 502, I'm going to sleep with one eye open if individuals who were recruited by and financially supported by the faculty PAC get elected to the College of DuPage board."

"[Faculty] didn't buy me. They're just supporting my situation," Agustin responded to the paper.

Read the full story at the Daily Herald website.

WLA March 15, 2013 at 01:45 AM
The overwhelming majority of teachers @ COD are adjunct (part time) therefore no union, no benefits. The classified staff (non teaching employees) are also not unionized. Also most employees at COD live in DuPage county and therefore are just as concerned about their tax dollars as you.They don't want to see money wasted on things which do not benefit the students(See comments from Napervillain and Dan Smith)
WLA March 15, 2013 at 01:49 AM
Also refer to article on the right "COD Paying Consultant $290,000 to Develop Brand" and then tell me how responsible the Board's actions are.
WLA March 15, 2013 at 02:31 AM
What's wrong with being a retired architect?
Teach them all April 06, 2013 at 03:37 PM
This is NOT a Republican/Democrat thing. This is not a pro-teacher/anti-teacher thing. There are a few of you "haters" out there that think teachers only look out for themselves, Democrats just want to bleed money, and Republicans just want to keep all the money for their rich friends. None of this is relevant in the COD Trustee election! I will not vote for incumbents: The past few years have proven that they do not have the best interests of taxpayers or their community in mind. I want level-headed, balanced, thoughtful people on the Board. I won't vote for Flores because of the allegations of wrong-doing that bring question to his ethics...if they are found to be untrue, I hope he will run again at a later date. I will likely not vote for the faculty-endorsed candidate either. I'm not too worried about the Architecture at COD. I will vote for Hamilton because of her financial background. That is needed. I will vote for Lanners becuase of his education background. He was on the faculty when COD was busy being a good school, not trying to spend wads of cash and be "glitsy". Don't get me wrong, COD is a wonderful resource. If us parents were really smart, we would all send our kids there for their first two years of college....but I digress. I will vote Lanners and Hamilton because level-headed and intelligent is important and I think they will bring good balance to the board.
Dan F. April 06, 2013 at 04:40 PM
If there were D's and R's behind their names at least there would be more honesty and information for the voter. As for the "Faculty Association" http://www.codfaculty.org/ It's a union.


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