The Cool Kids I'll Be Hangin' With Today and Tomorrow

Meet Amanda and Kyle, the two student leaders for our Disney group at Operation Snowball.

Today's the day! I rose bright and early at 5:30 a.m. and headed to Camp Duncan in Ingleside for the North/South Operation Snowball. While there, I'll be hanging out with about a dozen District 99 students, my awesome co-adult leader Lauren Aramburu and Amanda and Kyle, my two small group leaders.

There are hundreds of students at the event, but I'll spend most of my time with my small group, which is Disney-themed.

As I've written before, Operation Snowball is a two-day retreat fostering community, self-esteem and genuine happiness. I'll be playing name games, doing team-building activities and otherwise trying not to get in trouble on the YMCA Camp (because I'm the "adult" now).

To learn more about Snowball, check out this .

I'm taking these two days for Patch Give 5. It's a program that requires all Patch employees to spend five business volunteering.

To give you a taste of my experience, I wanted to introduce you to Amanda and Kyle.

amanda garza

Year: Senior

School: Downers Grove South

How many Snowballs she's been to: Six (including this one), three as a small group leader

Why she's a part of Snowball: I am a part of Snowball because I like everything it stands for. I believe in making good decisions in high school, and I like helping people grow out of their shell. Snowball makes you aware of your life and everything you should be grateful for. It also makes students aware that you don't have to go through anything alone, and there is always someone there for you. I've learned that a lot of those people that you can always count on are from the Snowball community.  

Thinks you should know: Snowball is not a CryFest!

Kyle LaVallie

Year: Junior

School: Downers Grove North

How many Snowballs he's been to: Four, including this one, two as a leader

Why he's a part of Snowball: I am a part of Snowball because I really enjoy the fact that I get the opportunity to help out my peers in a very relaxed and comforting
environment, free of people being judged or mistreated.

Thinks you should know: There is more to Snowball than just saying what you are feeling. It teaches you valuable leadership skills and team building, and it's an awesome time to meet new people and get closer with your friends.


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